Monday, June 15, 2015

Seeing my "baby"

This week was a good one! We spent Thursday-Sunday morning down in Hualian exchanging with the sisters there....including my "baby", Sis Jenkins! It was so fun to see her and work with her again and see how she has developed and grown as a missionary. 

~First a neat experience with the Holy Ghost and finding this week:
 God really does number all of his sheep, and He knows them. Last Monday night we were out knocking and Sis Graham and I both had the impression to knock on a specific door. It wasn't a strong urge or a push, just a subtle idea~ so subtle, in fact, that neither of us said anything to each other, just both walked toward the same door, even though there were no lights on inside that we could see. The man who opened it recognized us as missionaries, and said he was a member of the church- but  it had been a while since he had been active. He actually lives in TaiNan, but comes to Taibei once a month to see a doctor because he has lung cancer. He told us he had been preparing to head back to TaiNan in just a few minutes when we knocked. We were able to have a little lesson with him on the door step and invited him to attend church this Sunday in TaiNan. We'll probably never know what happens to him, but it was a tender mercy to see how the Lord led us to find one of His lost sheep.

~And onto investigators...
C is FABULOUS!! She has a desire to get baptized and just loves learning about the atonement and the plan of salvation. She is on track to make her baptismal date of 6/25, my last prostelyting night. I am so grateful for the chance God has given me to work with her. 

The H family is doing great as well. I'm not sure if they will make a June baptismal date, but they are progressing toward baptism, and it will be an amazing day when they do enter into that covenant. 

~Sis Smith (Nicole's previous companion) called me with several pieces of exciting news from XinZhu:
-W is going to the temple to do baptisms for the first time on Friday!!
-W, the wife of the Z who we helped to reactivate, is getting baptized on the 25th! And her husband is baptizing her!!!
-A girl that Sis Smith and I met on our last night together is still going strong and coming to church every week and praying seriously about baptism.
-L was able to give his first blessing as a Melchezidek priesthood holder to another member of our ward who was sick this past week

Next week we'll be spending Thurs-Sat in TaiDong doing will be a busy one! 

Love you! 
Sis Murri

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