Monday, June 22, 2015

From Taipei for the last time!

This is a pretty strange email to write. 

My setting apart blessing promised that if I followed the spirit, I would have the opportunity to "teach and baptize those who you knew in the premortal life, who are waiting for you to come". 

When I moved here last transfer, it didn't seem to make any sense for me to have moved to this particular area at this time. President Day told me that he had a very strong impression that I needed to serve here. I figured that God had a specific purpose He wanted me to fulfill here, and I was excited to know what that was.

view from the train ride to the east coast
I know why I am serving here.

My first week in this area, we got the referral from another set of sisters for CT. They said she was super awesome, and wanted to be baptized. I called her and set up an appointment with her. I remember praying to God and saying that if she was someone that I knew in the spirit world, then I knew that she would be able to get baptized before I left, and asked that if that were the case, for us to know what to do and how to help her and make that happen. She is getting baptized this Thursday evening. I can't think of a better way to end my last proselyting day. :D In Sister Graham's words, "Heavenly Father is awesome!". The whole situation is too "coincidental" to not be an incredible manifestation of God's ability to keep His promises. CT  moved here to Taibei from Taoyuan a month before I got here, but we didn't get her referral until my first week. If the referral had been sent right when she moved, she would certainly have already been baptized by the time I got here. 

 one of the sisters I taught last year 
She is incredible. She has such a pure heart. You know someone is prepared when the most spiritual lessons you have with them are about the word of wisdom and tithing. She actually started off the lesson by asking us if there is an age limit for girls to go on missions, because she was thinking about it. Teaching her is such a privilege! I think I have learned so much more from her than we have taught her. She had her baptismal interview yesterday before church. We were waiting outside for her while she met with our district leader. It's been such a privilege to have had a front row seat to the most amazing work on the planet. This isn't the end, though- just a new start. 

from Taibei for the last time (or at least until I'm called back as a senior missionary!),
Sister Murri

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  1. My heart is full of happiness for you! What an amazing and spiritual experience you have had in Taiwan.

    --Sis. Trefethen