Sunday, June 7, 2015

Focus on "the One"

Wow, this week was crazy- and filled with so many miracles. I have come to realize this week that one of the greatest feelings in the world is to be a tool in God's hand- I was blessed to have several experiences this week that reaffirmed this to me.

I am trying to focus on the One- not just in our area, but with the sisters in the mission. I learned that Christ's greatest influence came through His ministry with individuals, not with groups- and I want to apply that to this transfer. Similarly, my greatest ability to help and influence and minister probably isn't in the trainings I give or a testimony I bear in sacrament meeting (although those things are important and influential) but rather in the one on one interactions I have with God's children. I may not be able to meet ALL the members in the ward, but I can make sure that I am able to spiritually lift the ones I do interact with. I may not know well ALL of the sisters in the mission, but I can pray to know what God would have me say to the one I'm on an exchange with. That's what I learned this week.

A miracle experience I had this week was in finding. Sis Graham and I had about an hour, and decided to go to a place that we planned to weeks ago but had never gotten to go to. We thought from looking at the map that there were some small lanes with houses that we could knock, but when we got there, all there were was tall office buildings. We saw some doorbells that were facing the street, but didn't have any particular feelings about ringing them, so we kept riding our bikes...and riding...until we got to our area boundary. We were a little confused because we hadn't felt prompted to stop at any point along the way, but really felt like that was where we were supposed to be. We stopped for a minute and said hi to a college kid walking on the street- and ended up having an INCREDIBLE, entire first lesson with him right there on the sidewalk. He is one of the most truth-seeking people I've ever met and thought so deeply about everything we shared and asked really good questions- just a really genuine person. He set up to meet again and said in the closing prayer that he really wanted to know if all of this was true, and was willing to read the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately (for us) he lives in the Elders' area, but it was just such a privilege to find him and be able to share with him the message of the Restoration. It was amazing to see how the Holy Ghost led us to be right where we needed to be at the right time. 

the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
Next Miracle experience- I was on an exchange with another sister, working in her area. We were in a park contacting, and we saw a lady in the distance who was walking with a little kid, and we decided to go contact her. As we approached, she got a big smile on her face and said hi to us. Turns out she had met with sister missionaries before, and had loved it, but had gotten busy and sort of stopped meeting with them. But she was super excited to see us, and set up to come to English class last night. She told us what a "coincidence" it was that she ran into us right then- she had planned to meet a friend at the park, but right as she was heading out the door, her friend texted and cancelled. She decided to come anyway....and ran into us. Pretty amazing. 

Not done yet! This week we got to help one of our Recent Converts go to the temple for the first time to do baptisms. It was such a neat experience- we got to be like temple workers and hand them towels and squeegey the floor. I love the temple, and the influence that it has on new members' faith.

Okay, last of all, I want to tell you about our INCREDIBLE investigators. They are miracles in and of themselves. 
-H family: Dad, Mom, 9 year old son, 5 year old son. They have been coming to English class for about 6 months but hadn't ever been invited to meet with missionaries. We invited and they accepted immediately, and even came to church last sunday! Their 5 year old son has a terminal disease that requires constant monitoring, so the Dad does that, and the mom works night shift as a nanny to support the family. They are amazing. They currently all have dates for the end of this month (6/28). It will take a miracle to get them there, but I believe in miracles :D

-C T: She was a referral from another area and had already had the first 2 lessons and been to church twice when we got her. She is such a sweetheart! I asked her if she had a baptismal goal with the other missionaries she'd been meeting with, and she said, "yes, but then I moved here, so I need you to help me have the lessons and get baptized." Can do :D She now has a goal for the end of the month as well. 

 This week is going to be CRAZY! Zone Conference all day Wednesday, and then we're taking a trip to HuaLien Thursday through Saturday for exchanges with sisters on the east coast. It's going to be a great week! :D

Love you, Sis Murri

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