Monday, June 1, 2015

"My mission is not about me"

Hi again! This week was good and busy- filled with meetings and exchanges. This week we provided trainings at a New District Leader/ Sister Training Leader meeting, a Trainer/Trainee follow up meeting, and our monthly Mission Leadership Council, and exchanged with both sets of the sisters in XinZhu, which was really fun. 

I feel like every week I learn more and more that you just have to pray about the truthfulness of things! We met (in two separate lessons) with an active member this week and an investigator who has been investigating for 2 years but hasn't been able to be baptized because of family opposition and talked about Joseph Smith with both of them. Neither had actually prayed and received an answer about him being a prophet. They both just "believed". I feel like there are 2 levels of knowledge- the first is a more logical or "this makes sense" sort of knowledge. The second comes from the Holy Ghost as we exercise faith and pray for testimony. The first kind is great, but the second is absolutely essential. We invited both the investigator and the member to join us in praying every day this week for a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. I felt my own prayers answered as we read Joseph Smith's account of the first vision and I felt the spirit witness to my heart that everything we were reading really happened. 

We found a couple of really great new investigators this week, one of whom set a baptismal date, and the other ones are a family- a dad and two sons! I'm really excited to see how they progress. 

Also, just because it's funny....

Foods I Didn't Like Before My Mission That I Now Like:

I am still trying to adjust to the new type of missionary work that is serving in this area. I think one of the things that God is trying to teach me is that my mission is not about me. It is supposed to change me, it's all about my work and effort and love and change...but it's not about me. 

Well, that's about all for today....

Love you!
Sis Murri

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