Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Our little hearts are saying 'pleaaase pleasssse pleeeease!'"

We have been super busy with tons of investigators, christmas choir (practices every monday and performances every Sat and Sun) and also, this Friday we are moving! We are switching areas with the Elders because President likes for the sisters to be close to the chapel. We will still keep all of our investigators, though. 

This week I passed off Phase 2! Yay! Now it's on to Phase 3, which is learning to read and write Book of Mormon characters. Luckily I've been trying to read the Book of Mormon in characters since I got on island, so it should be pretty easy. 

We also had temple tours this week, and my favorite tour was with the Jin Hua elders' investigator, who is Japanese. His english was actually pretty decent, but they also had a white guy who had served his mission in Japan to help peike. Then at the last minute a Taiwanese person (who had super good English) also joined us. So we were switching back and forth between English and Chinese with some Japanese in there too- pretty fun!

There is a park near our house that we run to in the mornings with a bunch of Taiwanese old ladies who do this dance exercise routine. They are so funny and they LOVE us. The only english they know is "one more, two more!" which they yell at us as we do sit ups and push ups and stuff. They also love to touch our skin and tell us how young and beautiful we are. I love old Taiwanese ladies. Anyway, one morning this week we decided to join their little dance routine... they were THRILLED! They told us to come earlier so we could participate in the whole thing, and we asked what time. 5:10 am. We told them sorry, we were way too tired to get up that early! 

 We visited W family a couple times this week and taught them the plan of salvation by writing the characters for each of the steps on pieces of paper and having them walk on it like a trail. When we got to the earth life part, we asked them, "what kind of things should we do in our life here?" The youngest, P, who is 7, immediately shouted out "TAKE PICTURES!" and threw up two peace signs. Hahaha! She is a crack up! When we were reviewing the ten commandments with them, we did a hand sign for #9, and asked them if they remembered what the 9th commandment was. She said. "Don't eat stuff!!" Hahaha thank goodness that's not a commandment! I love these cute kids.

We also visited L and his Ama this week. I don't remember if I told you this, but last week we visited just the Ama, and invited her to be baptized, she said no and gave us all kinds of excuses.  She is a funny old lady. When we visited them this week, she said she was busy and went into the back room. When L went to go get his scriptures, we told him to invite his Ama to come in and listen. From our seats in the front room, we heard her say, "I told you, I'm busy", to which he replied, "you're not busy! You were just watching TV!". She said, "stop talking so much and go back in there with the missionaries!" Hahaha! I just started laughing and then translated for Sis Jenkins and then she started laughing, and then L came back and we all laughed together!

The best part of the week.......we fasted on Fri for Y (speaking of which, I have gained such a big testimony of fasting on my mission! I feel like I really understand the power it brings, and I actually look forward to it). We had told her we would call her on Sat night to see how it went speaking to her family about being baptized. On Sat we called her and she said that she had talked to her mom, and that her mom wasn't super thrilled about her getting baptized, but she doesn't fandui! Yay! She had her interview last night and is getting baptized this saturday! I am so excited for her!

What Nicole made for her Thanksgiving dinner
 I guess I should explain the title of the email this our weekly planning this week we were setting our goals for the week- and we set them pretty high. Sis Jenkins said, "well, these make sense- goals are supposed to reflect the desires of our hearts right?" And I said, "yep, our little hearts are saying please please please!" And God is pouring out the miracles!

Life is so good. Seriously. I am so blessed.
Sis Murri

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