Monday, December 8, 2014

Choir, Christmas contacting and Cockroaches

We got moved into our new apartment this weekend, so we are closer to the church now. The best way I can think to describe the apartment is that it's like living in a 10-square-foot Ikea showroom house, but without the nifty ikea furniture and with lots of cockroaches. Hahaha! It has been such an adventure! Every night I pray that God will make all the cockroaches die, but I think instead he's answering my prayers by making me not freak out about seeing them everywhere. 

with the "one more, two more!" ladies
 Y was baptized this weekend!!! Her baptismal service was such a special experience for me. I was emotional the whole time just thinking about all the sacrifices that she has made and all that she has given up to get to this point.  At the baptismal service when she was bearing her testimony, she said, "It's kind of hard for me to believe that I've actually been baptized- the first time I met with missionaries and they invited me to be baptized, I told them that I would listen to their message but would never be baptized or join their church. But here I am." She is incredible!

The church has put out a new Christmas video initiative called "He is the Gift" (go to to watch is so good!). The First Presidency has encouraged us as missionaries to use it as a contacting tool, so we have been doing Christmas contacting! Since everyone here is always on their phone anyway, we will approach people and wish them merry christmas and ask if we can show them a short video. We help them pull it up on YouTube and then watch it with them and talk about the real meaning of Christmas. Then we give them a Christmas present- a Book of Mormon. It is amazing how receptive people are when they hear the words "video" and "chrismas present". Christmas is much different here than pretty much anywhere else in the world. No one has the day off from work or school. We ask people what they know about christmas, or about the meaning of it, and they say, "I don't know". But we are changing that, one person at a time! I think this Christmas will be really special to me because it will be totally focused on Jesus Christ. 

Yesterday we had stake conference at the chapel by the temple. I was feeling really sick, so I asked Pres Day for a blessing. He gave me a blessing and then said, "why don't you just come up to the mission home and rest until your choir performances tonight?" He and Sister Day took such great care of me. (and I am feeling much better today- I'm sure the 3 hour nap had something to do with that!) We as Taiwan Taibei missionaries are so incredibly blessed to be led by President and Sister Day. They are incredible! Being around them just makes you want to be more Christlike

***IMPORTANT*** We can skype home on Taiwan's dec 25 or dec 26. I am thinking the best time will be the morning of the 26. We can do it any time after 8, so let me know what you think would be best.

Love you! Watch that "He is the Gift" video and share it with everyone you know!

Sis Murri

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