Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Missionary apartment woes...and an earlier relase date!

I found out this week from President Day that my release date is June 29th, not Aug 14 like I had originally thought. It's actually a little weird because my group will only be getting 11 transfers instead of 12, like normal. But if it means I can see Jared before he heads out to Taiwan on his mission (hahaha calling it now!), that would be really cool. (In Feb Jared will be submitting his papers to serve a mission and should find out where he is assigned sometime in March) 

 On Monday evening, we came home and started making phone calls and saw some cockroaches chilling out in our apartment. So we pulled out the Raid and started spraying. We just sort of switched off- one person making calls and the other on cockroach duty. We killed probably 60 or 70 in the hour. That's just an estimate though; we stopped counting after #50. But apparently that counts as a problem, because the mission is sending a guy out this Thursday to take care of it. By the end of the night, we had little dead cockroach bodies and Raid puddles all over the floor. And we had eaten a package of oreos. But the nice part is that the Raid was "country-fresh" scented, so at least by the end of the night we had a fresh smelling apartment. I am a little paranoid about the bug situation in the apartment so every night before I get in bed, I check it for bugs. It makes Sis Jenkins laugh, but hey, peace of mind is priceless. :D
Sink is broken-can't wash dishes? Line everything with plastic wrap!

On Wednesday we had another apartment adventure! As we were trying to clean our dishes after lunch, we noticed that our sink wasn't draining at all. So on the way back from contacting, we bought some magic drain unclogger stuff and poured it down the sink. It fizzed and bubbled and got warm and we were pretty excited that it was working. So after it had done its thing, I turned on the water. We were very excited that something in our apartment was finally working....until we noticed that there was water spilling out from beneath the cabinet. We opened up the cabinet to find that the pipe was made out of thin plastic- it looked like a drinking straw- so the drain opener had just totally eaten through the pipe! Hahaha! Sis Jenkins and I just stood there and laughed! Good thing she is such a chill person. Hopefully this week the plumber guy will show up so we can get that taken care of.

Dedication of the new chapel
The Bali elders had quite the adventure with their baptism this weekend! I guess last week after Y's baptism, we forgot to turn off the water heater. So they turned it on again, and it heated the water double- up to 95 degrees celcius! They didn't realize this until they went to turn on the water and only steam came out, which set off the fire alarm, and a voice telling everyone to evacuate. Luckily there is a way to manually turn off the fire alarm, which the elders did, and then got on the loudspeaker and told everyone not to worry or evacuate, that it was just the baptismal font! The baptism went really well. The convert is adorable, and is one of our English students. Lately at our baptisms, while the new convert is changing into dry clothes, we have been showing a Mormon Message (www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages for short videos on various gospel topics) to those attending the baptism. I guess the elders put one of the church members in charge of it, but he chose that "spiritual crocodiles" video where the crocodile keeps attacking the gazelles and ripping their heads off...over and over.... and over. Sis Jenkins and I were dying of laughter because it was just so violent and we couldn't figure out why in the world he had chosen this one! Not exactly the most spiritual way to pass time during a baptism. Hahaha! 
The "light lunch"served after the dedication

This week we saw lots of miracles. I think God knows how much of our time is being taken up by traveling all around Taibei for choir performances all weekend long, and is showering us with blessings! There was a guy who just walked into the chapel after church on Sunday and set up a time to meet with us. Pretty cool!

 I love being a missionary! It is such an adventure all the time! And how lucky am I to get to spend all of my time thinking, talking, and teaching about Jesus Christ. Incredible!

Love you!
Sis Murri

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