Monday, September 15, 2014

Too many miracles to write!

Hey family!

My new missionary still has not yet arrived. They have all been given temporary assignments in the United States, but it is hoped that they will be here in 2-3 weeks. We are having a transfer meeting tomorrow, and Sis Branch will be moving (so sad!), so I will have a new companion for at least a few weeks. 

Here's a quick overview of the week:

Tues: district meeting. Visiting the guy who gave us the little temples. Finding H, someone interested in learning about the Gospel, and setting a baptismal date with him!

Wed: lunch with W (the one we made cupcakes with). Finding a new investigator L and setting a date with him! English class- Minute-to-Win-It party.

So good to eat homemade salsa again!
 Thurs: finding another new investigator W. Ate hot pot (so yummy!). 

Fri: meeting a guy in the mountains who gave us each a block of his homemade laundry soap. Meeting with a sweet less active member of the church, A C

Sat: an amazing 5 hours of finding, including 3 new people interested in investigating the church, who are a family! meeting with our recent convert J.

Sun: seeing the BoM's power as we discussed 1 Ne 1 with an investigator. Church. Ward leadership meeting. Meeting with H and reading the BoM with him. New member fireside at Jin Hua and seeing H, a person I taught in SongShan, as well as several missionary friends.

We have a TON of people interested in the church, but we are struggling to get some of them to commit to baptism, so that is our focus right now. We have been knocking a lot of doors on a street called XinSheng Jie (translation: New Life Street). In the past 2 weeks, we have gotten 10 new investigators from knocking there! I think it is because we are really helping people have a new life through the Gospel. :D

8 yr old hog owned by one of the church members
This transfer has given me such a vision of the importance of the temple and family, and how they are intertwined. If those two things are your vision and priority, it makes such a difference. I am so grateful to have a family in which those two things were emphasized. I finished the New Testament a few weeks ago and have started on the Old Testament. 

As I think back on this week, I think what made it so wonderful was not just what happened- although we did see so many amazing miracles, meet lots of great people, exceeded the number goals we set for ourselves - but rather the feeling that is in me. I don't know, it is hard to describe. But I can feel myself growing and changing and just embracing losing myself in the Lord's work. It is a good life. There is nothing more satisfying than being engaged in the work of salvation. I love being a missionary. :D

I love you! 
Sis Murri

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