Monday, September 8, 2014

"It's hard being Taiwanese!"

ZhongQiu Jie Kuile! 

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival here in Taiwan! It is celebrated sort of like the 4th of July in America- everyone does KaoRou (grill meat) and there are fireworks.

The subject line is a quote from one of our members who helped us teach this week. It made us laugh because it is true! The people here are always working, studying, going to school. They are very busy.

Let's see...what happened this week? People answering their doors wearing nothing but underwear (just a little distracting...), and meeting a very educated Scottish guy in the mountains and having a deep conversation about the meaning of life with him. This is my life!

 First off, I am still with Sis Branch! We were supposed to have transfers this week, but none of the 32 incoming missionaries have their visas- they are all still in Provo. The Taiwanese government has changed its visa rules, and none of these 32 or the 25 for next transfer have visas yet.  No one knows when they will be getting visas- it could be a couple weeks or a couple months or more. Some who had been planning to move this transfer will not move. We don’t know if they will trickle in as visas get approved during the days of the coming transfer, or if they will come in one big group, or if they will be pushed off until next transfer. President Day encouraged us yesterday to include these missionaries in our fast. So, for now I will be staying in DanShui with Sis Branch- we will be having a transfer meeting next week and see what happens! 

Last week for p-day, we went to a member's house and made cupcakes! That was really fun- I miss having an oven sometimes! 

 We have gotten our investigator pool up and flowing again- when I first got here, none of the investigators were progressing, but now we have got a good group going. We are just trying to encourage them to set baptismal dates. Our L Family is doing okay. The dad and son have been busy so we have just met with the mom. She said they could come to church yesterday, but they didn't show up. We are not giving up on them though. 

Sis Murri

PS: Not sure if p-day will be next monday because of the crazy transfer schedule. It could be Wed. We'll see.

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