Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm going to be a mamma!

The assistants called on Saturday night to let me know that I will be training next transfer! I am sad that I will only have had 1 transfer with Sis Branch, but excited that I will be staying in DanShui for at least 2 more transfers, and of course excited (and a little scared!) for the opportunity to train a new missionary.

flooding the earth with copies of the Book of Mormon

P day night we went out knocking doors. The 1-4 floors of a particular building had no one who was interested in listening to us. They were all super Buddhist. Finally we got to the last floor, which we originally thought was just an attic, but upon further inspection, we discovered that there were two houses. At one of them, a dad opened the door. We started talking with him, and then his wife came and started listening. She said, "I think I actually have interest in this." She told us that she liked the idea of going to church every week and having a family to support each other. Wow! We set up with them for the next day, and taught them about the plan of salvation. They have an 8 year old son, and we are praying SO SO SO hard that they can continue to learn about the gospel together, be baptized together, and then be sealed in the temple as a family. I love families. It was such a miracle that we found them, because they were literally about to walk out to go eat dinner- 2 minutes later and we wouldn't have met them. Please pray for them.
Buddhist altar in someone's home
 As we were out finding on Wednesday, a white guy pulled up on his scooter and said, "Are you Mormon missionaries?" He said that he is also a missionary, and whenever he sees Mormon missionaries, he always stops to encourage them and tell them to keep up the hard work! He said, "There are a lot of Christians in the world, but not many who are willing to work so hard to share the gospel." That was just the encouragement we needed right then to keep working hard.

On Thursday, our mission had a memorial service for Elders Xiong and Thredgold. It was really good, and we all left just inspired and motivated to be better and do more. This week, we had a district fast. We saw so many miracles come from it- my testimony of fasting has been strengthened so much. 

temple replicas

On Saturday, we went to visit a member, C JM, who lives up in the mountains. As we were leaving, she asked what we were doing next, and we told her that we were going to knock doors. She asked if she could come with us....of course!!!!! This is pretty much what every missionary longs to hear! She suggested that we knock some of the doors near her house.  She took the lead, went up to the first door, and told them we were missionaries and we were there to visit them and to please let us in!  They said no, but that did not deter her- we went up to the next house and she said the same thing to the next guy and he let us in.  We followed him into his living room and saw, across from the big Buddhist altar, replicas of the SLC, Manti, St George, and other temples...our temples!  What?! We asked him and he told us he makes them. What?!  Long story short, he ended up giving us each a mini Salt Lake temple and told us we could come back some time and teach him more.

Our p-day might not be next monday- there is some craziness going on with transfers and new missionaries and visas- so I'm not sure when next week I'll be able to email you. 
Nicole wrote their Chinese names in the sand

Love you! Thanks for the prayers and support!
Sis Murri

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