Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New companion, new people to teach, and a new menu

I am officially done with training, and now being "broken" (breaker is what we call our 2nd companion in the mission)!! It was so so sad to see Sis Petersen leave- we have gotten really close- but I have a great new companion.....more about that in a minute!!

out at a  hot pot place before Sis Petersen left
 We saw SO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK!!! WOW! God is so good to us! We have gotten a million super golden referrals!!

Beta called us this week! We set up to meet with him at an older couple's house from the ward. We had a great lesson with him. We asked him if he believes the Book of Mormon is true, and he said yes! We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and asked him if he still wanted to be baptized. He said yes!!! His parents wanted him to wait until after his birthday, so we asked him when his birthday was and when he wants to get baptized. He said July 20th!! He is such a good kid- please pray for him that he will keep progressing and come to church every Sunday (his biggest challenge right now).

Elder R and his pitchpipe
 One of the other miracles from this week had to do with temple square tours. On Thursday as we were doing tours, a man came in and said he had read all of and wanted to know who to talk to to join the church!! We grabbed the Brother and Sister Baird (public affairs missionaries- we're not allowed to meet with a man alone) from upstairs, Sis Petersen gave the tour, I translated for the Baird’s (they don't speak Chinese), and we invited him to baptism on July 27, and he accepted!! Actually, he asked if he could get baptized earlier! He came to church yesterday!! He took notes and asked a ton of questions! 

We met with a super golden phone referral this week as well- W JM! She went to church as a child and remembers feeling a "really good but hard to describe feeling". She is super sweet and humble and we set a baptismal date with her for the 27th of July! And....she came to church yesterday!!!! Pray for her!

We also had a lesson with a C DX that we met last week on the street and set a date with him as well! He didn't come to church yesterday but sent us a text and said that he was so sorry that he overslept but promised that he would be on time next week! I think he will be solid!

sign on the MRT that shows what is at that stop
The temple sisters gave us a referral for a family of three that wants to be baptized! We called them and the mom said that they need the church and want to be baptized and they told us all the dates they can meet and everything! Wow!

Friday was transfer meeting. I don't think I've ever told you how transfers work here. On Wed night, if you or your companion are moving, you get a call from the Zone Leaders and they tell you to come to the transfer meeting on Fri morning. Everyone who is moving from the mission goes to the meeting at the chapel across from the mission's like a great big reunion. :D President starts first with assigning the new missionaries to their trainers. Then he uses a slide show with everyone's pics to announce the changes. He loves to make it super suspenseful and everyone claps and cheers. Basically, it's a ton of fun! My new companion is Sis Roy! She has been on island for 10 mo, has great Chinese, and loves taking out the trash just like me. :D I am really excited to work with her.

In other news, the people that own the fried rice place that we go to all the time sold it to another couple- the man is Mexican and the woman is Taiwanese. So now, in addition to having yummy Taiwanese food, they also serve salsa. Hahaha! It is so tasty!

Sister Murri

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