Friday, July 18, 2014

Salsa dancing to Rhianna?

This week has been hot....literally and figuratively! 38 degrees Celsius and so much happened this week! We had temple tours last Tues, and we had a ton of people come in and take tours, which was awesome. We set two baptismal dates for the elders.

The H family (mom and two daughters) are on track to get baptized on the 27th. They are so excited and so prepared and just awesome. The mom has an amazing sensitivity to the Holy Ghost. They will have their interviews this week!

C DX is still doing AMAZING! He continues to read the Book of Mormon every day and ask super great questions. We taught him Word of Wisdom (The Lord's law of health) and Tithing yesterday and he committed to live both, no problem!! WOOO!! It has been so neat to be able to find someone, teach them all the lessons, and then be able to see him get baptized on the 27th! Working with someone from start to finish is just a super neat process- you can really see their faith grow and change them. We are praying really hard that he will be able to come to sacrament meeting the next two weeks- that would be the only thing that would keep him from baptism. 

We are just trying really hard right now to find new people so that after all those we are currently teaching are baptized, we aren't left with an empty teaching pool.

Our recent convert CY DX was confirmed! He is so great! The Sunday School lesson was on keeping the Sabbath day holy, and afterward, he said to us that he was going to need to get a new job because the job he just started requires him to work every Sunday! Yeah!

On Monday we had a specialized training meeting on a change the apostles recently made: we will now be teaching all 5 lessons before baptism! And, we will be leading out in the new member lessons instead of the ward members, as well as we will be expected to have close contact with our recent converts for 4 months after baptism, and remain in contact for at least a year. President Day is really emphasizing this last part and is asking us to be sure to write letters to those we taught who were baptized once a month even after we are transferred. I am excited to start implementing these changes and I think they will help prevent converts from falling away.

Yesterday afternoon we went English boarding (2 hours a week we go as a group to somewhere where there are lots of people and hold up our big English class sign and pass out as many English fliers as humanly possible). On the same street corner, there was a lady handing our pornographic ads for World Gym and a guy handing out boring looking pamphlets for some government thing. I don't think they were too happy to see us because we were totally out-doing them. We were holding up our sign, passing out tons of fliers (at least 150 in that hour), talking to everyone, people were coming up to us and asking for more one point the guy with the boring pamphlets just sat down on a bench and stopped trying and overall just looked super glum. Poor guy. It's amazing what 4 foreigners and a good cause can do for ‘ya. 

That was pretty much the week!
Love you!
Sis Murri

There is a park near the church that we often go to run at that has the most interesting collection of people ever. There is a group of old ladies that are there every morning practicing salsa dancing. Last week they were dancing to some song by Rhianna. Bet Rhianna never thought that old Taiwanese ladies would be dancing to her music every morning at 6 am. There is also a group of yellow pants, polo shirt old people who just stand there and shake their arms. Literally, they just stand there for at least an hour and shake their arms. Interesting. 

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