Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A little something different....

"And it came to pass that on the 16th day of the 7th month, the SongShan sisters did ascend to the mountain of the Lord's house. And there they did worship the Lord their God and receive much inspiration concerning the sacred things of God. {Neat side note- we got to do some of the ordinances in Chinese, which was a really amazing experience. I love the temple so so much.}

 And it came to pass that after much inquiry, they did receive a visitation from two men, who came with the intention of repairing that which, for the space of many days, had been broken. And after the space of five hours, and with many tools of curious workmanship, it came to pass that Sis Roy and Sis Murri did again have air conditioning. And thus they did have joy and rejoice exceedingly.

On the morrow, they did go forth among the people, to preach the Word unto them. But behold, there were many who would not hear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But the sisters did press on continually, making an effort to speak to everyone on YongJi Rd, for they knew that the gospel must be preached to every man.

 Yea, and concerning the appointments which they had made with those who were desirous to join the church, it came to pass that larger part of those who had said unto the sisters that they could meet did not show up. And it came to pass that the sisters were grieved in their hearts, but behold, their joy was still great in knowing they had worked with their might to bring souls unto Christ.

And thus we see that men may exercise their agency unto the reception or rejection of the word of the Lord.  

And it came to pass that H JM, and her daughters are still unto this day, desirous to join the church of God. And at this time, they are preparing to witness unto the district leader through an interview that they are prepared to receive this ordinance. 

And it came to pass that the sisters did persist in their efforts to contact C Dx, but behold they did not meet with success. And behold, this was a strange thing unto them, for he had previously been very much engaged in learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. But inasmuch as he did not attend church, his baptismal date must needs be moved back. But behold, the sisters still at this time have much hope for him."

Hope you got all that. Seriously, not much has happened since Wednesday, so I had to find a way to spice things up! :D

Love you!
your favorite Taiwan Taibei missionary!

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