Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Who can spot the English speaker first?"

Wow! How is it already the last week of the transfer?!?! Where has the time gone? Next week I will have a new companion. That will be so weird. Sis Petersen and I have had a great time together!

Last week we went to Danshui on our preparation day, which was fun! We wandered around and bought some souvenirs, and took a boat ride around the harbor. Two girls from America who have been doing an internship here went with us- that was who sent you the pic of the super tall ice cream cone!

Tuesday was our day-long Zone Conference. We got training from President Day, the Assistants, the Sister Training Leaders, and the Zone Leaders. It was a spiritual feast and just renewed my dedication and motivation to serve the Lord. We also had exchanges this week with the sister training leaders. I stayed, and we ended up doing splits with ward members during the exchange because we had a few new investigators all set up for the same time. That was crazy! 

learning to play a traditional Chinese instrument
 There is an interesting phenomenon here, and it is that we can think we can tell just by looking at a person's body language and appearance who has lived in America/ speaks fluent English. It is a crazy thing, but people who speak English or have lived in the USA literally have a different look, even if you're just speaking Chinese with them or even just watching them! It is sort of like a game on the street to try to spot people who we think speak English and then test it out and see if we're right!

Exciting news of the week: Beta called us!!! He set up a time to meet this week! YAY! We are so so excited! Please pray for him! We have so much hope that he can get baptized!

Amazing miracle of the week: On Wednesday we were handing out pamphlets about our free English class. We passed a guy walking the opposite direction as us, and said hi to him, but he just kept walking. A few minutes later, he came up to us and asked us if we were Mormon missionaries! He said he was looking for a church to go to and wanted to come to ours! He asked who he needed to talk to in order to learn more....uh us!! We met with him the next day and taught him the first lesson and he said he believed Joseph Smith's experience and when he said the closing prayer, he just started crying! He set a baptismal date for 7/13, so we are going to do everything we can to help him make it! His name is L- please pray for him. 

drawing characters with the side of his hands
 All 3 of our Recent converts were at church yesterday! They are all so solid! One of my very favorite parts of the week is getting to take the sacrament and have a clean start. It is so important!

I finished the Book of Mormon last week and started over again, this time looking for mentions of God's strength and power. The scriptures I found fall into two categories- how to receive God's power, and the effects of his power. Here are some of my favorites:
How to receive God's power
-faith (1 Ne 1:20)
-have the Spirit (1 Ne 2:14)
-ask in faith (1 ne 7:17)
-humble yourself (1 Ne 13:16)
-be part of the "covenant people" (1 ne 14:14)
-keep the commandments (1 Ne 17:3)
Effects of God's power
-armed with righteousness (1 Ne 14:14)
-mighty miracles (1 ne 17:51)
-soften hearts (1 ne 18:20)
-revelation (1 ne 3:20)
-deliverance (1 ne 1:20)

I love the Book of Mormon!

I love you! Thanks for the prayers! I am praying for you too!
Sis Murri

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