Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The gift of tongues is...when you can suddenly read Japanese characters

  Wow! This week was really really good! Here is a little bit about a couple of our investigators,

-L: I love this kid- I think he is just the greatest 15 year old on the planet! (except you, Haylie. :D) He just shows up to church every week on time and stays the whole time and is great friends with all of the Young men and attends the activities. Seriously, he has a maturity and understanding of the gospel that is just incredible to me. We shared the plan of salvation with him yesterday and he asked some super great questions. We were finally able to get him to give us his address, so hopefully we will be able to stop by and meet his parents this week. He said that his dad is more against Christianity but his mom has a more "do what you want to do" kind of attitude- which actually is progress from last week, when both of his parents were pretty opposed. 

-H: This is our 75 year old investigator. He told us this week that he doesn't feel like he has ever felt the Holy Ghost, so we are working hard to help him understand what the Spirit feels like, as well as trying to get him to commit to come to church. He is in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, but he keeps telling us he won't know what he thinks of it until he finishes reading. Good thing he's reading quickly... :D
college students from Japan taking a temple tour

This week we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. Sis Jenkins stayed in our area and I went to Beitou, and did temple tours in Taibei. Right as we finished setting up all the stuff for the tours, a group of 4 Japanese college students came in. They spoke no Mandarin and only a little tiny bit of English- enough for us to figure out that they were on vacation and wanted to look around. We grabbed a Japanese copy of the Book of Mormon and gave them a tour by bringing them to different paintings of Jesus Christ and then showing them a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Japanese for them to read. It was an incredible experience to be able to locate passages in the Book of Mormon in a language neither of us had ever studied- somehow we just knew what the words for "1 Nephi", "Mosiah", and "Alma" (a few of the books in the Book of Mormon) looked like. 

I love contacting and knocking doors because we always have such interesting conversations. On Tues we met a guy named T who told us (in English!) that the virgin Mary could appear in the form of my companion's face, that Jesus was Asian, and that heaven was actually not a place, but it rather inside of us. Yesterday we talked to these old ladies who just kept telling us that they were sisters and all almost 80 and didn't understand Christianity, and that they were 80, and oh did they mention they were all 80 years old? On Thursday we contacted a lady who was smoking, and she pointed to inside of her office building and said, "go preach to them- they all need help!"

We met a ton of really awesome people this week and we are excited to try to keep working with them all! DanShui is going to have a white Christmas!

Sis Murri

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