Thursday, November 6, 2014

A good workout, a missing key, and a chance meeting

We had so many great adventures this week! Seriously, so many. Missionary life is the best.

On one day, we had a lesson set up with someone who had previously been investigating the church. Our peike (member who comes along to help teach) was CMH who is such a great missionary. The investigator ended up standing us up, so our backup plan had been to go finding. But then Sister C said, "I have some friends who live over in this area- lets go see if they're home and you can teach them!" We, of course, were happy to oblige. Sister C jumped on her scooter and starts zooming up this huge hill. Meanwhile we are huffing and puffing on our bikes trying to keep up with her as she rides up, down and all around the hills of Danshui. She kept getting lost and forgetting where all of her friends lived, so we ended up trying to follow her around on our bikes for about an hour, and of course no matter which way we turned the wind was against us! :D None of her friends ended up being home, but it was a good workout, and we also showed our members and God that we will do just about anything for a member referral!

Wonderful people who shared their food with a couple of hungry sister missionaries

Yesterday after church, we got back to our apartment only to discover that our apartment key had disappeared from the key ring. Hmm. So we went back down and got on our bikes and retraced our steps from our house to the bus stop. No key. We thought for sure that our security guard would have a master key, so we asked him, only to hear that he doesn't. Hmm. He says that we have two options- call a locksmith to come and replace our locks (several thousand dollars) or try to call the landlady and see if she has an extra. Our landlady said that she had an extra, but that she was in YiLan, and couldn't come up- but thought she had given the mission office an extra key. We were pretty sure they didn't have one because they had to borrow ours last time they came to do apartment inspections. So we tried to call the mission office anyway, but the office elders were still in church and couldn't answer our call. Meanwhile, we had already been fasting for 24 hours and were feeling a little woozy! So we decided to just sit in the courtyard and relax a little until we could get in contact with the office elders. God's tender mercies are real- let me tell you! In the courtyard were a group of older people drinking lemonade and eating dried soybeans and nuts. We sat down and they just came over and gave a bunch to us! I have never been so thankful for soybeans in my life! We struck up a good conversation with them about America and church for an hour or two while we waited to try to get the key situation all worked out. We called the temple sisters, who said if we came down to Taibei a little early (we were already planning on going that evening for the new member fireside) they would give us some dinner. When we got into Taibei, we got in contact with the office elders, and one of the keys they had was ours. Yay! And, when we got home that night, we found our key stuck in our door- apparently someone found it. Sis Jenkins got a little paranoid and grabbed a knife and handed me a pair of scissors and we walk around making sure no one's in our house. Nope, all clear. So, all's well that ends well! It was actually such a fun experience...we just laughed about the situation the whole time because it was so crazy. :D

Last week while we were on a bus, I struck up a conversation with an older lady. Right as I was about to get off, I asked her if we could have her phone number and visit her sometime and share the gospel. She said yes, so we got her contact info. Then, this week on Thursday, we were in her area to visit C, the one who is just starting to come back to church, so I called the bus lady up and asked her if we could stop by. The voice on the phone was a lot younger than I remembered the lady being, but she said she could meet with us. We set her up for after our appointment with C, who doing so well; she came to church again this Sunday and has a goal to be baptized in Dec in behalf of her mom who has passed away. After our lesson with her, we asked C if she wants to accompany us to the lesson with the bus lady, and she agreed. We walk into the Family Mart where we had planned to meet the bus lady and don't see her. But then, a lady in the store and C suddenly recognize each other and give each other a hug! Turns out the lady I called was the bus lady's daughter, and she and C are friends! This lady is one of the cutest, most smile-y people I have ever met and we had a great lesson with her. C invited her to church and encouraged her to get baptized. YEAH!

I love Taiwan- some of my favorite people in the whole wide world are here. I got to see some SongShan members and one of the people I taught at the fireside last night- that just made me so happy! My companion said to me this week: "I love watching you interact with Taiwanese people. It is so obvious that you were meant to be here." I really do love these people. And I can feel that this is where God needs me to be. 

Spanish Halloween in Taiwan?
Life is good! We are working hard, the weather is cooling off, I am wearing a cardigan (and I know you all know how happy that makes me! the only thing better would be if I had a scarf on too...not quite cold enough for that yet :D), and we are more tired than 90 year old grandmas (not the Taiwanese kind though- they are like energizer bunnies!).

love you! 
Sis Murri

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