Monday, April 6, 2015

Swept Graves and Empty Tombs

JARED IS GOING TO BE A MISSIONARY IN SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I opened up my email and saw stuff about missionary calls in the subject lines of emails, my heart got the same feeling as it had when I got my own call- excited and nervous and fluttery and wow, so many feelings.

Good thing I love him, because that whole leaving 3 days before I get back thing really stinks. Just want to cry a little over here in this internet cafe....

Anyway, as far as my week...hahaha I can't even remember anything I was going to say to you because my mind is all occupied with Sweden and Jared being a missionary.

The subject of my email this week comes, of course, from Easter. Here in Taiwan, there is a holiday called Grave Sweeping Day. People return to the place of their ancestry and clean off the graves of their ancestors and do ancestor worship rites. I don't know if it usually works out like this, but this year, it was on the same weekend as Easter. It was so neat for me to realize that because of Easter, the grave is not the end. There is life, both now, and to come.

So excited for conference this coming weekend! And also, I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese, woohoo!

Sorry, I'm so distracted with all this Jared being a missionary stuff that my brain is not even working....just going to send a pic and call it good :D

Love you! 

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