Monday, April 20, 2015

Chaos, Craziness, and Comfort

Just when you think things can’t get any crazier…they do! 

We had a transfer this past week....and I'm still in XinZhu with Sister Smith! I was SO surprised~definitely thought I was moving. But I don't think I'll stay here until the end of my mission so who knows, maybe I'll move on my last transfer.  I love working with Sis Smith.

On friday morning we got a call that there would be sisters opening the Xinzhu 3rd ward...and moving in with us in a few hours! We already have another set of sisters living with us since their house got broken into a few weeks ago. We were also informed that the new set of sisters would be sharing a cell phone with us since the mission office somehow ran out. Needless to say, the next few hours were a rush of getting keys copied, rearranging our house, pulling an ancient desk out of the depths of our patio and getting it cleaned off, taking apart our beds and moving the box springs into the living room for the other sisters to sleep on, getting them roughly acquainted with the area and meeting with the elders to get boundaries figured out. Whew! We didn't end up eating dinner until 8 pm- luckily there was a little place still open. That was the hand of God, let me tell you! :D 

One of the other crazy things that happened this week was that we went through our investigators and dropped the vast majority of them. We had a lot of people who just weren't keeping commitments, and it was wearing us out to have to keep dragging them along. So, we're starting fresh.

General conference was so good. so so so good!  I really focused on receiving personal revelation, and writing the things I was being taught by the spirit, rather than just what people said, and I got so much out of it.  It's so interesting to me how much I feel like the past year of separation has strengthened my relationship with my family. Being away from them has caused me to recognize so much all that they have given me and how lucky I am. I've been thinking a lot about the temple lately, especially with Jared preparing to go soon, and us having another two years of separation. Because of the temple, no separation need ever be permanent. Without the temple, permanent separation is always imminent. I'm so grateful that we are led by a prophet, too. That is just so comforting to my soul! I don't think I ever realized until recently how much peace it brings to not have to worry about any decisions that are made by church leaders. They're prophets, seers, and revelators, so the choices they make or policies they enact or doctrines they teach are from God through inspiration, and that's just that. 

love you!
Sis Murri

our faces say it all....

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