Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How many different things can you make in a rice cooker?

Here are some of the highlights since I last emailed you:

We met two awesome new investigators who are both security guards, and both quite open to what we have to say (and one of the best parts is that we know exactly where they are every day during the day and can drop by anytime to visit them at work!)

I made cookies in the rice cooker with the cookie mix from Aunt Linda. Forgot to take pics of that one, but they turned out pretty good! I think I'm going to start a "how many different things can you successfully cook in the rice cooker" project...this morning I did scrambled eggs, which worked out pretty well!

We had a Mission Leadership Council meeting (monthly meeting of all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, mission president, and assistants, to receive training and discuss the mission vision for the coming month). Not only did we get some excellent training, but we got to watch the movie Meet the Mormons! Made me want to go to Nepal....But the neatest part of the meeting was near the end when we all knelt together as a group to petition the Lord for inspiration to create the mission vision. I was asked to act as voice. It was a powerful moment to all be kneeling together and seeking God's guidance for our mission. 

What do you do when your someone tells you she's in love with a man from Ireland who she's only communicated with online through google translate, and that he wants to fly to Taiwan to meet her? Imagine that Studio C skit of the guy emailing that girl in the alps or wherever it is she is, but change the language to Chinese, and you've got pretty much exactly what happened in the lesson with one of our less active members. (See Studio C "Google Translator") She tried to convince us to come to her house and be her go-between when he gets here and find out if he really likes her and if he will take her to be married in the temple. (he's not even a member of our church) Sis Pieper said, "well....yeah, we could come teach him about the gospel!" Since we're not allowed to counsel people on their personal problems (thank goodness!), we just encouraged her to pray about it, and if she still felt like this was God's answer to her prayer, to at least take someone with her when she went to pick him up for safety reasons. Let me tell you, missionary work is never boring!

We have a lot going on this week with two Zone Meetings to do trainings at, and a two-day mission-wide leadership seminar in Taibei!! This week is going to fly by!

love you!
sis murri

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