Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with....

Hahaha- thought I was going to say 'C', did you? There are actually no 'C's in Chinese! :D But the characters for cookie in chinese is 餅乾  [bing3 gan1]. 

This week was filled with cookies! And it was fantastic! 

-Cookie experience #1: I decided to try out the cookie mix Aunt Linda gave me and make it in the rice cooker. It worked out pretty well! And it was perfect because last week when we called one of the sister companionships in the zone and asked what we could do for them, they said (jokingly), "make us chocolate chip cookies!" And then we did! Fun.

-Cookie experience #2: In an effort to try to strengthen our investigator, M, and help her daughter have interest in the church, we got together with them and a member sister and her daughter to bake cookies. It was really fun and just reminded me of making cookies and other goodies at home with my siblings

-Cookie experience #3: On Saturday, the youth in our ward invited us to come teach them how to make cookies for mutual. Most of them had never made cookies before (people here don't bake) and they had a blast. A couple of them invited friends, and we were able to connect with some potential investigators, as well as teach the youth what being a missionary is like. 

-Cookie experience #4: While on exchanges, we found a "car tire" cake stand with oreo inside! Wow! Usually they have sesame or red bean or peanut or chocolate or cream or yam-which are all delicious. But oreo is something else! So tasty! 
Lots of other great things happened this week! 

First, L was baptized! It is seriously such an honor to be his 福音姊妹 (fu2yin1 jie3mei4= gospel sister= the missionary who teaches him) because he is such a spiritual giant. I can't wait for a year from now when he and his wife, who is also an recent convert, can go to the temple together. And hopefully their 2 daughters will join them along the way. 

H!!! I love this guy. We set a baptismal date with him last week and he is so excited for it.  He's our adorable 62-year old grandpa figure. And he loves to crack jokes with us. Last week we set up to meet with an recent convert at the chapel, and H just showed up and said, "Hi, I just wanted to come see where I'm going to get baptized on Mar 21." He reminds us every time we see him about "our March 21 appointment". He's great. 

 All the rest of our investigators are out of town for 過年 (chinese new year), which starts this Wednesday! YEAH! We are going have to eat so. much. food...... Pray for my poor little stomach. Hahaha! :D

Love you!
S. Murri!

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