Monday, January 12, 2015

"Religion isn't a hobby..."

Our investigator pool has dropped to about 2....yep. Happens sometimes.

Sis Zhong got a duanchuan to work with (a young member who will live as a missionary for a short time), so on our last night as a threesome, we ate cheesecake. We met with one of our investigators, W this week. We knew that his interest was waning, so we had planned to have a "make it or break it" lesson with him. I think Sis Jenkins' words best described what happened in the lesson: "He gave us chocolate and cookies. And then he dumped us." Hahaha! As we were finishing the lesson, I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, "One day, you're going to realize you need this, because it's true. And when that day comes, give us a call- we will be waiting for you." The spirit was really strong- I think someday he will accept the gospel. That's one thing that I learned this week. Religion isn't a hobby. It isn't something you do because it's fun or because it helps you even. "Religion" in its truest and fullest sense is just another word for truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about the truth of the way things really are and how to align ourselves with it. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty incredible thought!

Along that same line, this week during temple tours, we met an American lady who walked in and said she was having a rough trip and needed a place to just sit and think for a while. We directed her to the chapel, and later were able to have a long conversation with her. She told us that she went to church when she was young, but her parents became less active in the church when she was about 9 and she hadn't been to church since. Her siblings continued to go to church and went on missions, but she felt like abstaining from sex and coffee were just too high a price to pay. As we talked to her, it was obvious that her life wasn't where she wanted it to be, and she wasn't really happy. It is so true that the commandments of God are here to help us! I have never been more thankful for commandments than I have been the past year of my life.

Another neat lesson we had this week was with an less active member W. His kids are T and A, the ones we've been teaching. We decided that there is no way they can progress without him supporting and helping them, so we've switched our focus to him. We met with him last week and had a really powerful lesson- the spirit was just guiding us on what to say. It was amazing to see it work in him and see him humble himself and see that he really needs the blessings of God in his life. We are excited to continue helping him rediscover his testimony.

I also had a special personal experience this week that reinforced to me once again that God answers prayers. On Sunday morning, I was Satan was working a number on me, and he was trying all of his tactics- loneliness, homesickness, mental exhaustion, inadequecy- you name it. During sacrament meeting, I was pleading with the Lord for help, for a manifestation of His love. And it came- in the words of the sacrament meeting speakers, and the healing of the sacrament. It was so clear to me in that moment that God knows us. He loves us. He is waiting for us to reach out to Him, and He inspires others to help meet our needs.

So I guess the theme of the week is that God is real, He loves us, and wants to show us truth through His restored gospel! How blessed are we?!

This week is transfers- I think I am moving. I feel like I am ready, like God has somewhere else for me to be. Also, next Mon will not be a p-day becuase we have temple day next week! So, you'll hear from me next Wed! :D

Love you!

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