Thursday, January 22, 2015

Go West young lady!

Hello from the windy city of XinZhu!

Well, all of my transferring west feelings were right- I am now serving in the beautiful town of XinZhu, which is about an hour and a half west of Taibei. It reminds me of my first two areas plus America put together- big, but not too busy- it really is a lovely place. And SO windy all the time! 

My new companion is Sis Pieper (who I actually met in the MTC- she is one transfer older than me), and we are the Sister Training Leaders over the XinZhu and ZhuNan zones. Working with Sis Pieper has been so much fun- we really get along so well. And she even likes quinoa....a large majority of our discussions have been about all the different foods we like to eat. :D  

For English party, we had a piñata, so the elders asked us to bring a big stick to hit it with. We decided our mop handle would do the trick, so then the task was to attach it to my bike (thank goodness for bungee cords!). I got about halfway down the street before I wondered why my bike was so hard to pedal- and then realized it was because I had wrapped the bungee cord around the brake wire, so my brake was engaged! Not one of my finest moments...

We have a couple of super solid investigators, and are working to find some more who will be baptized in Feb and March- please pray for our success in that regard. I heard from Sis Jenkins the other day that a ton of the people we had been teaching all showed up to church this past week- there are some really special people in Danshui, and I know that Sis Jenkins and her new companion will continue to see miracles there- it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

The problem with being a missionary is that it's pretty hard to explain all the incredible and spiritual and funny experiences we have because typing them out makes them seem not nearly as incredible/spiritual/funny as they actually are. Someday I'll just tell you them all in person. :D But know that I am happy and loving serving the Lord here in Taiwan.

Love you!
Sis Murri

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