Monday, August 25, 2014

Hills, heat and hard work...and Taiwanese paparazzi?

This week we worked really hard to find new investigators- lots of tracting, ringing doorbells, street contacting, etc. We weren't blessed with the success we had hoped for, but we have a firm belief that there are prepared people here in DanShui, and we are doing all we can to qualify for the Lord's help in finding them! This week I sort of embraced the hard- the hills, the heat, the sweat, the rejection, the not showing up- and just gloried in being able to do the sweaty, hard work for the Lord, and that made all the difference! Every day, I made a dedicated effort to consecrate my time to God and focus not at all on myself. And it was such a good week. :D

Our investigator J passed his baptismal interview this weekend! His baptism is scheduled for this coming Saturday evening! He is so amazing- so generous and ready to become a member of the church! He always asks great questions and we are so excited for him! He is taking Sis Branch and I to eat stinky tofu on Friday, since neither of us have had it before, so that should be fun! Stinky tofu smells like a sewer, but apparently it tastes really good. I guess we'll find out....

Every time we have gotten on the MRT the past 2 weeks, people have tried to sneakily take pictures of us...except it never really works because their flash always goes off or they are just super obvious. It makes us laugh and we always just tell them we will take a pic with them. I am sure there are so many pics of Sis Branch and I on the internet that we don't even know about! Hahaha!

Several of you have asked me lately about Chinese...I love Chinese so so much! It is just such a neat language and I look forward to my hour of language study every day! Teaching and navigating life in Chinese is pretty much a non-issue. I love learning to read and write the characters! I love the way that everything has a meaning and the ways the characters relate to each other and how I can now start to guess how to pronounce a character I've never seen before (and sometimes I'm even right!) and I love speaking and how I don't have to think about it really. Basically, Chinese is going great. :D I have been so incredibly blessed by the Lord to be able to learn the language and have a love for it- I see it as a direct fulfillment of the promises in my setting apart blessing. The gift of tongues is so real.

This week I went on an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders in Tucheng. From the moment we got off the MRT in Tucheng, it was POURING rain. We had a member visit to go to, and the member lived a good 35 min bike ride away across the city. We donned our rain ponchos and started off. As we were riding down the side of the freeway in the pouring rain, in our bright yellow rain ponchos with our skirts flying everywhere, I thought of the counsel in the white handbook and on the dress and grooming website that says to always maintain a clean, professional conservative appearance. And then I laughed out loud, because at that moment, I felt anything but clean, professional, or conservative. And then I laughed again, because I realized I didn't even care. Love being a missionary. :D
The doorbells played "It's a small world"
This week I have been diving into the words of the prophets and apostles in conference talks- I have almost read through every conference issue in our apartment! When I have a few min of free time before studies or before bed or during meals, I have been studying them, and I have noticed how much more I am focused and in tune with the spirit! I feel like I receive so much revelation from the words of the apostles and prophets- both for me and my investigators. I have also been focusing this week on receiving revelation during my personal prayers. I have tried to be more diligent about listening to the voice of the Lord and always having a pen in hand to write down inspiration I receive. The result has been incredible.

I love you! Stay firm in the faith, and read the Book of Mormon every day!

Sis Murri

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