Sunday, May 25, 2014

Growing taller and the gift of tongues

It was a great week.  Our sweet miracle 9 year old S was baptized on Saturday! Such an amazing experience! We have been working with her and fighting for her since my first week here. I really hope that this will help her dad want to become active in the church again so that next year he can baptize their son and they can be sealed together in the temple- there is nothing that I would like more for them right now! She shared her testimony at the baptismal service and talked about how she felt so clean and wanted to come to church everyday.

Beta passed his baptismal interview this week! But, his parents want him to wait until he is 18 to be baptized, which won't be until the middle of July. That made us so so sad- we just wanted to cry! He is so prepared and loves the gospel and hasn't had tea or coffee, both of which he loves, in 3 weeks and is so strong! We are praying really hard for him that the hearts of his parents will soften and allow him to be baptized before that. We have faith that we can see a miracle with their family. 

So apparently, not only am I growing spiritually but also physically too! I noticed this week that all my skirts are a good inch and a half shorter than they used to be, and this past week when I saw Sis Smith, she said, "Sis Murri! What's up with your growth spurt! We used to be the same height!" Crazy! I felt like I was getting taller but this past week confirmed it!

Usually not a fan of McDonald's but it was so good!
 My Chinese is coming along. I have been trying to read from the Book of Mormon in pinyin and characters and I am able to get about 20% of the characters ,which makes me really excited! I can't wait to be able to read! God is blessing me SO SO much to learn this language. I literally would not be able to be able to speak a quarter as well if it were not for His power and influence. There is no other way to explain it. The gift of tongues is real, but not in the way I originally thought. I don't say words I've never learned before or anything, but my ability to memorize and retain what I study and see is way beyond my own capacity because of His grace. When people ask us on the street why our Chinese is so good, we always tell them it's "Shen de zhufu" (God's blessing). So true!

Our mission is now on Facebook- 2 elders have just started getting things up and running. We are supposed to get ipads in Aug and then we will be using it every day to communicate with interested people and members of the church. Crazy!

This week I have been studying a lot about faith. I started reading “Jesus the Christ” a few weeks ago and I LOVE it- so many amazing insights. This week as I've been studying Christ's miracles, I've realized the literal power that is imbued in our faith. It is not figurative. I love Moroni 7:33. ("And Christ hath said: If you will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me") Our faith makes everything possible.

Love you! Love the work! Love the people! Love Chinese! Love being a missionary! 

Sis Murri

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