Sunday, May 3, 2015

Following the Spirit

FIRST: Skype info for next week. Monday morning, 8:30 am my time- which, if I've calculated correctly, is Sunday night, 7:30 pm my time. I want to do something a little different this time- I want to have 5 minutes with each person individually, and then the last 10 minutes all together. Mom and Dad, you can decide if you want 5 minutes individually or if you want 10 minutes together. Also, I would love to have a family prayer together at the end. 

 Sis Smith and I saw so many miracles this week in getting referrals and new investigators. 

-We get a pretty good amount of new investigators from english class, but they are ALWAYS in the XinZhu3 ward. Always. Well, last week, Sis Smith and I decided that we wanted a new investigator from English class this week, and we were going to pray specifically for it every day and see what happened. Wednesday night english class came and new investigator in our area. But after then we got a call from the XinZhu 3 elders saying that two of their English class students stayed after class to ask some questions, and then set up for Saturday. Two new investigators for us!

The following is an actual phone conversation I had with A on Saturday night at about 9:45 pm:
"Hi! This is Sis Murri. Sorry to call you so late- were you sleeping?"
"No, I'm just reading the Book of Mormon right now."
[little moment of speechless excitement]
"Wow! That's great! What part are you at?!"
"I just finished reading chapter 8."

Yeah, she's amazing. We met with her last night, and she pulled out her Book of Mormon, which she had highlighted with her favorite parts, as well as a notebook, in which she had written an entire page of the verses that she liked. She told us, "when Ama sleeps, I just can't sleep because all I want to do is read the Book of Mormon." She has the strongest desire to come to church- which is incredible in and of itself, because she won't be able to understand a lot of it since her Chinese isn't that great. We taught her about fasting last night. I have so much faith that God will provide a way for her to come to church so that she can get baptized. We asked her to pick a day this week to fast, and we will do it with her. We also asked her to pray to know what day God wants her to get baptized (her date expired since she couldn't come yesterday). I think if she receives the revelation herself about what day God wants her to get baptized, she will have more faith in the miracle that He is about to do to help her get to church. I REALLY want her to be our May baptism. SO BADLY. But I will trust God's timing and if that's not what He's got in the cards, I'll be okay with that too, although I totally have faith that it can happen.

Another neat experience this week: we were riding our bikes, and I saw a door and sort of felt like I should hop off my bike and ring one of the bells. At first I thought, "nah...." but then I just decided to do it anyway. Well, the lady who answered the speakerphone said it was inconvenient (which is what most people say when they don't want to talk to us...) but then I asked her when would be a more convenient time, and she gave me her cell phone number to call her and set up a time! One of the things I was promised in my setting apart blessing was that my ability to listen to and follow the spirit would get stronger on my mission- and  I really feel like I have seen that come to pass. I feel like I have a better understanding of how the Holy Ghost communicates with me, and have more of an ability to hear the "ideas" he puts into my mind and just do them, even if I don't really understand why. 

I love prayer. I feel like it's only taken me 20 years to understand how to REALLY do it. But now I think I am starting to get it. I have come to see that there really are so many blessings God wants to give us that He is just waiting for us to ask for. What do we as missionaries really want from our missions? To see many baptisms, to have our RCs go to the temple, to achieve the standards of excellence, to experience personal conversion....then why aren't we always praying for those things. Or really, why am I not always praying for those things? Just because God CAN read our mind doesn't mean I don't need to tell him what is on it. :D Prayer really is the key to not living beneath our privileges. 

Well, that's about all for this week.... love you!
Sis Murri

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