Monday, March 16, 2015

"Living the Lohas Life"

I am so proud of this title, mostly because it is so alliterative. hahahaha :)
I know what you're thinking right now- "what on earth is 'lohas'?". Well, I'm wondering the same thing! We see it on signs everywhere. Someone google it for me and see if it really is an English word. We think it might just be a transliteration of 樂活  (le4huo2), whose meaning can best be described by "abundant life"....
Anyway, this week has been full of 'lohas':

 -Wednesday was one of those days you read about in the Ensign. It was 12 degrees C and pouring all day long, we had no rain ponchos, every one of our investigators stood us up, the pinyin on the church computer somehow got turned off, making facebook difficult to use, our exchange plans kept getting changed, which meant our time was used less than wisely, no one wanted to talk to us as we were knocking doors...forget plan B, we were on to plan Z! But you know what? I was happy! It was a great day! Heavenly Father is so incredibly merciful in that Sis Smith and I were just laughing all day long because it was so ridiculous! :) And also, we ate yummy Thai food for dinner. Which just about made up for everything else!

-Thursday we traveled to Miaoli to train at a Zone Conference. To get there you have to take a train, and then walk from the train station to the chapel (about 25 min walk). We got off the train and found a map (neither of us had been there before) and started walking. About 45 minutes later, we found ourselves back at the train station. We had walked in a giant circle! We went into a library to ask for directions, and there was a lady checking out books who said that she lived right near the chapel and could take us there. Because we're not allowed to ride on scooters, she rode at 5 mph behind us as we walked for 30 minutes, directing us the entire way, until we got to the chapel. 

-H CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!! And not only that, he was wearing a collared shirt, tie, and slacks. He is so great. His biggest struggle is with the word of wisdom. We knew that he drank alcohol, but we didn't realize until this week how serious his problem is. He called us drunk one night and we had to convince him to not drive his car home, which was really scary. We have a lot of love and faith in him- now we're just trying to help him feel the love that God has for him and know that his life is more than this. 

- M is also progressing SO well. She is set to have interviews this week. We had an incredible lesson with her this week, and at the end, had her pray about Joseph Smith. I asked her how she felt, and she said, "it feels real". The spirit was so strong. She is so ready for baptism. 

-This week we had 3 less active individuals show up to sacrament meeting! Yeah! and L passed the sacrament for his first time. He and his wife are just blossoming in the gospel, and I have so much love for them. Something I have loved helping people understand is that there is absolute truth and the purpose of religion isn't just to be an emotional support and Christianity isn't just a western thing, but rather a humankind thing.

Well, that's all folks. Lohas. :)

love you,
Sis Murri

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