Monday, April 21, 2014

The Temple, Bugs, and a Revelation

I love reading emails from everyone on Monday mornings...makes me so happy! Thank you to everyone for sending me emails even though I only have time to send you a short reply.

This week was really great! Here are some of the highlights:

Temple Square Tour day!
This week on Wednesday, it was our turn to do Temple Square tours. Mostly it was just great to be near the temple and teach people about how important the temple blessings are and think about how much the temple means to me.

Sister missionaries from central and east Taipei-together for training
One morning this last week, I went into the bathroom and discovered some little brown flying bugs on my toothbrush and flying around. So I washed it off and brushed my teeth, and put my toothbrush on a shelf in the hall. That night I went into the bathroom and was pleased to see that there were fewer bugs, and went to go get my toothbrush from the hall...only to discover that the bugs had followed it! The next morning, the bugs had multiplied and replenished the earth, so now there are bugs flying around everywhere. And last night we may or may not have had to kill a cockroach. Don't bother telling me- I know: where there's one, there's more. Regardless, this afternoon, I am buying some Raid and doing a Sydney B number on our apartment. Now, I know there are WAY worse places in the world as far as bugs are concerned. I'm just so not into bugs. Asia is just not a clean's turning me into a neat freak.

A Revelation!
Went somewhere on my mission that is a place from my dad's mission
I had a revelation as to why we have so many people who study with the missionaries who are reluctant to commit to baptism. Taiwan is a society of perfectionists. Their culture sort of makes them that way because from a young age there is a ton of pressure to be the best. You are always taking tests, even after you graduate. Studying and doing well is the way to honor your family and get a good job- it's just super competitive, and keeping face is important. No wonder people are a little wary of entering a sacred covenant with God- they know there's no way for them to perfectly keep their side of the promise and that upsets them. Also, love is expressed very differently, so it is more of a challenge to grasp the Atonement and God's mercy and eternal love. I think that's why they send so many perfectionist type missionaries here- we can relate to them, and watching them helps us realize that we are the same way.

not sure what that says about their ideas of animal health
 Beta and his friend...
Yesterday we met with an 18 year old guy named Beta and he even brought his friend. Guess what his friend's name is? Alpha. Yep, Alpha and Beta. They have a metal band together, and they enjoy growing plants and they want to build a free school in Africa. They are super great! They wanted to know what they need to do to be baptized and they really think about the things we teach them. We're excited to see them progress.

Someone asked, “When you eat with the members of the church, do you eat in their homes or eat out?”  (Here in Texas, the missionaries eat in the homes of the church members most nights for dinner) Answer- They always take us out. Very few people really cook a lot since eating out is so convenient and inexpensive. And no one has dishwashers or ovens.  And people here just don't use credit cards. It's mostly cash based.

One of the things I have learned since I’ve been here is that The Lord really doesn't need us missionaries- He could do this work much more efficiently without us, probably, but He lets us participate so He can change us and so that we can benefit and see His power. How lucky am I to be here at this amazing time!

Love you! Love the work! Love miracles! Love being a missionary! Love Taiwan!

Your favorite Sister Missionary-turned-exterminator

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  1. I would hope that you consider those bugs as manna. Great source of protein. This is a realization of Matthew 6:28. "how they grow"